Means and Forms of Payment

Pay easy your purchase through the following options:

  • VISA credit and debit cards through the payment gateway available on our website.
  • Deposits and transfers to our bank accounts. See more information.
  • Payable in our physical store: You can pay in cash or with Credit Cards, we accept all the cards that have the stickers of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, including Ripley and CMR Falabella containing it.
  • Optional: Payments with VISA Credit Cards at your home through a wireless POS.

In case you deposit or transfer to any of our current accounts, do not forget to send your proof or voucher of your banking transaction via email to

For more detail please note the following additional information:

I. Transfers and Deposits:

You can effect your payment to REAL GARDEN in the name of the FLOWER GARDEN REAL account has current accounts in the most important banks of our country, where you can deposit or transfer the amount of your purchase. Here are instructions for a successful payment; Do not forget that in this mode of payment you must send the proof or voucher scanned from your banking operation, via email to Referring to your order.

1.Scotiabank Bank

In this bank FLORERÍA JARDÍN REAL Has a collecting account in its name, all deposits and transfers will be made only through said Collection Account.

For payments through Ventanilla Deposits: Indicate to the cashier that you want to deposit into the account FLORERÍA JARDÍN REAL The cashier will ask for your ID or RUC to be the case and will deliver the respective voucher where the number of operation of your deposit.

2. Account Name and Numbers

All of our Current Accounts listed below are in the name of FLORERÍA JARDÍN REAL con RUC: XXXXXXXXXX.

Bank of Credit BCP

  • Nuevos Soles: 21518995817089

II. Payment with credit cards and/The debt

Pay with ease and confidence in an easy way through our payment gateway.
Remember: If you are going to make your payment with VISA card.

III. Direct Credit Payments (Applies only to companies after coordination)

  • Deferred Checks, Bill of Exchange or Promissory Notes.
  • Deferred Checks will be accepted up to 30 days without interest.
  • The Letters will be accepted for financing up to 6 months, the amounts of the quotas will be calculated based on the agreed term.

IV. Pago en Tienda

To pay an order requested via web or a product displayed in the web catalog; You can pay in store in soles or dollars at the exchange rate of the day in the following ways:

  • Credit card (we accept all cards with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Including Ripley Y CMR Falabella Containing it).
  • Debit.